We're currently working on moving into the larger downstairs space of the shop and will have the opportunity to provide tables and areas for gaming!

The plan is to use the upstairs room (Currently our shop floor) as the "War Room" with a 6ft by 4ft gaming table and range of terrain/mats available. This would be a private area available through booking only.

Meanwhile the downstairs shop floor will include at least two tables for smaller games and a space for painting/building too. (We won't know the exact sizes and space until we are moving in there).

All tables would be managed through bookable time slots with the downstairs ones being free during regular shop opening times and the War Room being a set fee (Likely to be around £1 per person, per hour).

Note that we will also be running organised play and club events in store on certain evenings and that will continue to be a set fee for the evening as standard (£4 per person) with extra tables being unfolded to use more of the shop floor space.