3D Printing

We combine beautiful sculpts with professional level printing to produce perfect miniatures and terrain for your tabletop games.

Whether you are looking for an entire army, a new character for your TTRPG, scatter terrain to improve your battlefield or tokens & accessories for your favourite game, we have it all.

Our trio of FDM printers (Huey, Duey & Luey) alongside Morris the resin printer (Who's definitely not a mimic) work harder than anyone else in the studio!


Stunning models for display or TTRPGs. A unique and fun style to add to your tabletop and a new challenge to paint!

  • Gallia

    Noble Knights, stalwart peasants and powerful sorcerers form the backbone of the Gallian faction.... 

  • Sons of Ymir

    Sturdy fighters, superior weapons and advanced mechanical support form the backbone of the Sons of Ymir faction.... 

  • Swamp Goblins

    Cunning Infantry, fast cavalry and unstoppable monsters form the backbone of the Swamp Goblin faction.... 

  • The Empire of the Sun

    Defiant Militia, wise mages and heavy artillery form the backbone of the Swamp Goblin faction.... 

  • Transilvanya

    Undead hordes, vindictive vampires and terrifying monsters form the backbone of the Swamp Goblin faction.... 

Makers Anvil

A vast array of FDM-printed tabletop terrain. From labyrinths to magical forests, to ruined cities to dwarven mines. It's all here!

Galandirs Pit

The modular city of Beaverton is perfect for your TTRPG needs while the outpost of Serveta can be setup in a variety of layouts.

Galandirs Pit prides itself on modularity and flexibility!

Individual Prints

Alongside the above sculptors, Hobby Hive is always looking out for great miniatures, terrain & gaming accessories. Browse our range of unique and interesting prints below! (And let us know if there is anything you'd like to see added to our collection)