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Village Scatter Objects Set

Village Scatter Objects Set

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Part of the Small Village series of 3D Prints from Dani Amengual.

Villagers are always leaving junk lying around! This is a set of 28mm scale scatter objects that can be used in a variety of settings to add life and dynamism to your tabletop games.

The set includes; 4 Large Crates, 6 Small Crates, 3 Jugs, 2 Empty Buckets and 1 Bucket of indeterminate liquid (You decide!).


Printed at a 0.16mm layer height on our Bambulabs FDM printers, we maintain a strict quality assurance process and primarily use white filament (Note that other colours may be used dependant on availability).



We do not print to order and instead rotate our printing stock weekly. Make sure to setup email alerts for stock if you want to get your hands on anything and you'll be the first to know!

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