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Signature Series: Siege Armour Spray (500ml)

Signature Series: Siege Armour Spray (500ml)

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A collaborative range of new spray primers designed in conjunction with 8 of the leading UK hobby content creators.

Add any 3 cans of Colourforge spray to your cart and get them for £30! (Yes this includes the existing range - Mix and match to your heart's content!)

These are brand new colours designed by professionals and used by content creators and miniature painters at the top of their game. See images for a colour chart comparison.

NOTE: This is a limited Preorder ONLY - Orders will not be fulfilled until stock has physically arrived instore.

For more information please visit the Kickstarter (Retailers have shipment priority in the first wave): The Colour Forge Signature Series Kickstarter

Using a tried and tested formula this product is on par with the best in the industry and presented in a 500ml rattle can for 25% more paint than other leading brands!

This spray is colour matched to Games Workshop, Vallejo and Army Painter products as seen in the colour conversion chart.

For the best results:

  1. Shake the can thoroughly for 5 minutes.
  2. Hold spray 12 inches from model and use short passes over the uncovered areas until the model is covered.
  3. After use, rotate the can so it is upside down and spray until clear, this reduced the chance of nozzle blockages.
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