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Planet 28 2nd Edition Hardcover Rulebook

Planet 28 2nd Edition Hardcover Rulebook

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Roll up a warband and start adventuring across a dark and hostile galaxy with planet 28!

This updated set of rules compiles the original planet 28 rules, death on the periphery and death machines zines into a single A5 hardback rulebook to provide you with the ultimate narrative skirmish toolbox.

Inside this 84 page hardback book you will find:
*The planet 28 core rules, updated and refined,
*character and warband creation rules.
*campaign rules.
*game master rules.
*solo and co-op play rules.
*vehicle creation and combat rules.
*custom weapon creation rules.
*squad rules for army sized games.
*An expanded list of character traits, abilities and equipment.

Designed for narrative skirmish gameplay, Planet 28 allows you to play with the miniatures you want, not just the miniatures you have - With a flexible character creation system allowing you to create profiles for almost any figure in your collection.

Planet 28 is published on an open license , meaning you are free to create and distribute your own planet 28 creations.

Each book also contains a sheet of paper miniatures to help you start playing even faster!
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