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Card Deck - Automatron Expansion

Card Deck - Automatron Expansion

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Are you tired of the same old companions, with a ‘normal’ numbers of limbs? Are you fed up of trying to put the blood back into your leaking buddies? Do you wish your travelling friends were sturdier, and stopped talking about ‘freeing their family from Super Mutants’ or ‘stopping injustice’?

Well, now you can do all these things, with your very own custom-made robot! All your companion needs are just a few welds away with the Automatron, ready at your command to make a robot to your personal specifications. Want to have a Sentry Bot with the smarts of an Assaultron? Always wondered why Protectrons couldn’t use even more powerful weapons? Make your robot creation dreams come true with this addition to your vault.

This expansion box provides cards for using the Automatron to create and use your own custom made Robots in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. It includes cards for robot parts for previous released models as well as;

  • The Robobrain (including AI for the unit)
  • Parts of the Junk Bot
  • New Weapons, Mods and perks designed with Robots in mind.

Contains cards for;

  • Assaultron body parts
  • Mr Handy body parts
  • Protectron body parts
  • Sentry Bot body Parts
  • Robobrain body parts and AI
  • Junk Bot torso
  • Robot Weapons, Mods, and perks.
  • The Mechanist

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