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Team: Greased Lightning

Team: Greased Lightning

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With oil dripping from the excitable little oil bot, the ring will be extra slippery. Mechabjorn brings hydraulic fists ready to beatdown even the biggest of foes. Striking fear into the opposition is the Puncher Bag, a punching bag that punches back! Backing all these up is the ring itself, with the animate Turnbuckle-Up and Followspots.

The Dwarves of The Runic Thunder are an inventive bunch and are responsible for many of the mechanical creations that are part of Kaisers Palace. Greased Lightning is an expansion team for The Runic Thunder and brings a whole ring worth of mechanical mayhem.


Starting small, the Oilbot keeps the joints of your mechanical constructs lubricated and in tip top condition. They can hand out +AP and +MP counters to their mechanical friends, even if they're not normally able to. You'll need to be careful with them though, if they get too excited they'll spray oil everywhere.

Followspots are animate ring lamps. They're in the ring to put the spotlight on friendly wrestlers, letting them use their crowd pleaser for reduced AP costs. They'll definitely want to be using their Shining Spear and Sirius Light Drop, both have +1 to their dice roll making them super consistent.

Puncher Bags are an interactive training creation. They're a punching bag that punches back and they've made it their entire personality. Every time they take damage, they throw a punch. Every time they hit with Punch-Out, they hit again.

The Turnbuckle-Up is a walking turnbuckle, funnily enough. Wrestlers can climb them the same as a turnbuckle and even deal more damage with their own turnbuckle attacks if the crowd is kind enough.

Mechabjorn is the heavy hitter of the set and is part dwarf, part automaton. More than the sum of their parts the Mechabjorn can boost one of their already considerable stats each round. This weight 3 is really the heavy hitter of the team and much more versatile than the Puncher Bag


Contains 5 resin miniatures with 5 clear acrylic bases, and 5 character cards. Acrylic bases will have coloured film on that needs removing before assembly.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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