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Mega Armoured Orcs

Mega Armoured Orcs

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We're da biggest an' da baddest. Anywun tells ya uvverwize...we'll KRUMP 'EM!

Only an Orc mechanic would think to encase a half-ton of muscle and rage inside a heavily armoured suit. Needless to say, these lads are deadly!

Each model is a multipart kit with a 40mm base.
Orc #1 is equipped with dual killing saws.
Orc #2 has a power claw and shooter with additional options for his weapon.
Orc #3 has a massive gatling gun and power claw.

High-quality 28mm scale miniatures, sculpted by Mekka Miniatures and printed by Hobby Hive.

3D Print orders can take 5-7 working days dependant on our current queue. You will receive emails when your order is received, when it is being printed and when it has been dispatched.

We take pride in the quality of our prints and these miniatures are printed on an Elegoo Saturn S using Elegoo Water-washable resin in 4K. We remove all supports, clean the prints and fully cure them before final QA checks and packing/shipping.

Resin colours are not guaranteed but will usually be grey.

On a 40mm base, with dual killing saws, this monster of an Orc towers over his friends and foes alike. Modulated, and deadly on a 40mm base. Enjoy.

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