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Doctor Von Tickle - Pirate Orc Doctor

Doctor Von Tickle - Pirate Orc Doctor

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Greetings, I'm Doctor von Tickle. We'll have you fixed up fast! Now where did I put that bone-saw?

The perfect addition to any Orc force, Doctor von Tickle takes great pleasure in putting his lads back together and taking his enemies apart. Who's to judge if he gets the two confused at times!

A high-quality 28mm scale miniature, sculpted by Mekka Miniatures and printed by Hobby Hive.

3D Print orders can take 5-7 working days dependant on our current queue. You will receive emails when your order is received, when it is being printed and when it has been dispatched.

We take pride in the quality of our prints and these miniatures are printed on an Elegoo Saturn S using Elegoo Water-washable resin in 4K. We remove all supports, clean the prints and fully cure them before final QA checks and packing/shipping.

Resin colours are not guaranteed but will usually be grey.

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